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Complete scrap metal purchasing

You may not be able to find a use for your scrap metal items, but we will! Load up any scrap materials and drop them off at Temple's Salvage Yard. We'll give you a fair price.

  • Copper scrap - piping, wiring, and appliance parts

  • Brass scrap - wire, castings, valves, pipes, and more

  • Aluminum scrap - cans, tanks, rims, wires, and more

  • Steel scrap - stainless steel

Types of scrap metal

Dispose of your scrap metal in ways that are safe and useful! You'll get some money out of the deal, and your scrap metal will be reused in ways that won't put animals or people in danger.


Even if your scrap metal fits in a trash bag, sharp edges can easily poke through and be a danger to you and your family. Stop by our salvage yard today and sell us your scrap.

Environmentally safe option

Call our family-owned business today.


We check on the rates of our competition regularly to make sure we're giving you competitive prices.